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Monday, October 27, 2008

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Watch out turning on the media server if you have a wrt54g router in your network. There is a well documented problem that can occur on a wireless or wired network with these components that involves both UPNP and the media server setting on the PS3. Some symptoms are that when your PS3 turns on and connects to your network it will cause other computers to lose network connection. Additionally, PSN connection will be kind of shaky. So far the most well documented solution is to turn of the media server setting, which is what I ended up having to do as I work from home and too often turning on the PS3 would make my work tunnel drop and disconnect me from my companies network.
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Because each poker player in the game starts out with two cards that can be combined with the community cards drawn, there can be a lot of strategy involved. The simplicity of the games combined with the wide array of strategies that have evolved have made Texas'em a very popular poker game variant the world over
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Before deciding about a particular PS3 hard drive, you must be sure in your mind about how you are going to be using your PS3. Since each type of PS3 hard drive has its own advantages and disadvantages you will need to consider these factors before making the final decision.
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Games In The news

The Booth Babes of E3 2004

You want to see 50 pictures of the ladies at the trade show? Of course you do.

EA to Develop Titles for N-Gage

Nokia excitedly announces a major new partner for its handheld platform.


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