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Sunday, November 02, 2008

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The Xbox 360 Product Review; The Straight Goods

By Lance Winslow

XBox 360 sold out this Christmas and truly for good reason, not only did Microsoft go for it in terms of marketing, but they seem to have gone all out with features and quality too. Not only is the Xbox 360 and electronic piece of art with its futuristic and pleasing body, but it truly rocks, as the Gammers say.

It appears we are seeing a barrage of new games available for the new Xbox 360 and the floodgates are opened. There are so many new games out that it is hard to review them all. No more boring games, no more stale junk, the Xbox 360 has set a pace now that Song PSP will never catch. No matter what kinds of video games you are into the Xbox 360 takes full advantage of the latest technology to play them all. The speed, graphics and sound are excellent indeed. Xbox Rocks and Bill Gates is Great.

Video games and consoles of the past generation of games water under the bridge now. It doesn't matter who did what before, because now there is only one gaming console in town and so many new game titles to choose from that we just do not have time to play them all. Microsoft has cornered the market and set a completely new standard now. For those who love to play Xbox is the way. You need this in 2006.

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'Lance Winslow' - Online Think Tank forum board. If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance; Lance is a guest writer for Our Spokane Magazine in Spokane, Washington
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