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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Electronic Gaming Updates

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Internet Poker Card Game

By Anthony LeMaire

Playing cards is your thing! You like to spend your free time playing cards, building card houses, anything that has to do with cards. So much that your family and friends are ready to kick you out to the doghouse. What can you do? Find an Internet poker card game!

Playing poker on the Internet is just like playing a live game except that you can play in your pajamas. You can win money playing an Internet poker card game just like you do in real life, but you will not even have to leave your home. You may have to register on a casino site for access to an Internet poker card game but that�s easy and sometimes free!

The Internet poker card game has rules just like regular poker and often sites offer a variety of different styles of poker games. Most sites are interactive and have more than one Internet poker card game going on at a time for you to choose to play.

So stop bugging your family and friends to play poker and other card games. Play with people who understand the thrill of being dealt that perfect poker hand, placing a bet and best of all winning! Spend your poker time playing in an Internet poker card game. It�s easy, there�s nothing to clean up and no yucky cigar smoke hanging around the next day. Just you, your computer, your Internet poker card game and maybe a nice tall cold ice tea and you�re ready to go. What are you waiting for?

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World Poker Open

John Stolzmann, a 23 year old college student majoring in philosophy, won the World Poker Open Texas Hold'em Championship tournament. The World Poker Open is a part of the World Poker Tour and the Championship tournament saw a record 512 players competing for a total prize pool of $4,832,773. Stolzmann outladsted some of the top names in poker including Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu, and Scotty Nguyen. Stolzmann's win was good for about $1.5 million.


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