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Friday, November 07, 2008

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When looking at your messages press A and B and you can move the messages around. If you have a lot of messages like me then you can arrange them in this manner or you can just delete them.
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Because your XBox 360 profile encompasses elements that are stored on your console and elements that are stored by the Xbox Live service, the safest way to game is to move your profile to a memory unit when you hit the road and when you return home.
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Wynton Marsalis and the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra at the Napa Valley Opera House

Book your tickets early: this is the concert Napa historians will talk about a century from now. Named one of Americas 25 most influential people by Time magazine, the first jazz artist to be awarded the Pulitzer Prize in music, and a winner of eight Grammy awards, Wynton Marsalis needs no introduction. Those lucky enough to get in will not be more than 16 rows away from this superstar of jazz and one of musics great ensembles!

Vivendi Working on "Robots" Game

Another movie license coming to consoles and PC

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