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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Why I Like Electronic Gaming

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Download Playstation 3 Games - How to Download Playstation 3 Games Online

By Lewis Waller

Are you looking for a place to download playstation games from? Finding this sort of service online is quite hard work, especially with the amount of scams on the net these days. But it is now possible to download all your favorite Playstation 3 games online and if you follow a few simple rules you will find a great service that you can use to download from for life.

Firstly, you should choose a service that allows you to download an unlimited amount of Playstation 3 games. A lot of the sites out there have limits on what you download but the better sites will have Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 games all ready for you to download with no limits. The best sites will also have movies, music and TV shows for you to download.

You should always avoid the free 'torrent' sites, as well as it being illegal to download games from these sites, the files are also unregulated, which means they can contain viruses and spyware which a lot of the time even your antivirus software can't detect. For the price of one second hand game you can join a service that you can download great quality games from for the rest of your life.

Finally, you should choose a service that has some sort of customer support. The better sites on the net have a 24/7 customer support service in case you have any questions or problems you need sorting out and will also include a money back guarantee in case your really not happy with the service.

About The Author

Follow these rules and you will find a great Playstation 3 download service that you can use for the rest of your life. For a review of my Favorite Service Click Here

Game Tips

To see your Xbox name easily, start Halo, go into multi-player mode, choose "Split Screen", "Profile", and "Location". After all that is done, there will be a screen that reads "Waiting for more players". The picture of the Xbox is directly above your profile name, and above your picture will be a word. That word will be used as your name when XBox goes online. This works best when there is only one controller plugged into the Xbox, so the multi-player game will not start before you see your name.
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Unlike general in-game voice communication, an XBox 360 chat is a closed conversation between you and one other person. Your chat partner can be playing the same game you are, but can also be playing a different game´┐Żor watching a DVD movie, or listening to music. Both of you could, in fact, just be sitting around wondering what to do next
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Here are a few pointers as far as the actual technique of pitching poker cards so you don't have to go the dealer's school:
* Keep the deck and your hands close to the table
* Try to put a little "spin" on the card, which helps to prevent it from flipping over
* When dealing a flop, pull out three cards simultaneously and flip them all face up at the same time
* If you have to throw a card across a long table, it's better to throw low and hard than try and "lob" it to the other player
* Instead of dealing to each player, deal to each stack of chips. This helps to prevent dealing out a player who stepped away from the table.
* If you don't use a cut card, set the deck down after the initial deal
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Current Internet Game News

E3] SEGA Announces PSP Titles

Two titles announced for Sony's upcoming handheld

D-Link Offers Free Wireless "G" Upgrade

Now their Xtreme G-series wireless products are super-fast and standards compliant.




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