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Sunday, October 12, 2008

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Download Playstation 3 Games Now

By Joseph Horn

The Popularity of the Playstation in general soars with every day that passes. However, the playstation 3 has exceeded all expectations. The games that have so far been made for the gaming platform are nothing less than breathtaking and with the release of Grand Theft Auto IV there will be a flock of people rushing to the internet to find a way to download games for their Playstation 3.

The question is though, can you download Playstation games free?

Sadly, the answer is no. To date there are no truly free services that will allow you to download games for your Playstation for no cost at all. There are some really good alternatives though.

One of the major factors that drives people to find download sources for games is almost always the price of the newly released games. Purchasing only a couple of games is enough to break almost anyones budget. I for one think that the price tag that is on most games is nothing short of ridiculous.

So, what can you do about it?

Well, many gamers have turned their attention to the creation of membership sites that will allow you to download an unlimited amount of games often for the price of what one game would cost retail. The money that you are able to save is a huge benefit and has caused a large percentage of gamers to keep their game collection current exclusively by downloading them.

There are however some dangers that you should keep in mind. As with any other file that is downloaded online, there is always the risk of getting a virus or some other type of malicious code if you are not careful. For this reason, when selecting a service to download Playstation games from, you should always make sure that the site has a process in place to ensure that the files are virus free.

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Game Hints & Tips

Multiplayer games generally allow up to four players and gamepads (the PS3, however, can handle seven controllers). Your old PS2 or Xbox controllers won't cut it with the new systems, so expect to pay upward of $50 for an extra controller, price depending on the features (wireless, fan cooled, and so on) and manufacturer. To knock a friend's head off in Wii Sports (packaged with the system) boxing, an extra gamepad is a must. The Wii's unique controller comes in two parts: one Wiimote ($40) plus one nunchuk ($20). Also, keep your old GameCube controllers. The Wii supports all GameCube games, and the controller can also be used with Wii's Virtual Console offerings.
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Sony PS3 Launches

By Victor Vargo

Regardless of what you like or what you�ve got there is always something new and just a little bit better in the video gaming world. In that spirit, Sony is finally all set to release its latest gem into the gaming industry with playstation 3 hitting the market just in time for the holiday season.

Just as you would expect, the PlayStation 3 is a remarkable product that will take the hardcore Sony fans breath away in comparison to the PlayStation 2 and finally provide a rival to the Microsoft golden child, Xbox 360. For those of you that have not been salivating or stopping by your local electronics store everyday for the last year, here is a summary of what to expect from the PlayStation 3.

The newest technology available to movie-goers is the Blu-Ray format, which will also be available to those who purchase a PlayStation 3. The PS3 is capable of playing Blu-Ray discs, which are essentially a more high profile, or high definition, way of playing DVDs. While there are Blu-Ray discs that you can play in a Blu-Ray player or the PS3, you can also play regular DVDs in either.
With the introduction of the Blu-Ray disc to a video game console the possibilities for gamers is much like making the jump from the old �Nintendo� games to the PlayStation original�s discs. So much more sophistication and intricate game play is possible with the larger space available on Blu-Ray discs in comparison to regular DVD or CD discs.
The PlayStation 3 is equipped with a Cell Broadband Engine that makes a much smoother gaming experience possible due to a processor that puts the old �single core processor� systems to shame. Combining this with the ability to have discs that allow high-definition gaming and more sophistication will make for a gaming experience like never before.
Sony is also adding in the multi-axis motion sensing system into the controllers for the PlayStation 3 to give gamers a better feeling of control than ever before with seamless interaction.
PlayStation 3 is making history in the video gaming industry by making the hard drive within the system removable and therefore very easy to upgrade. There is an option for the purchase of a system with a 20GB hard drive, but if it is out of your price range initially don�t worry, you can upgrade later.
If you are a lifetime or hardcore Sony gamer then you will be happy to know that the PlayStation 3 is very compatible with previous PlayStation systems. PSP can be used as a remote or even other possibilities depending on the game, for instance, it is used as a rear-view mirror in some racing games. Also, the PS3 is backwards compatible, meaning you can play almost every previous PS1or PS2 game on the PS3 with little to no changes whatsoever.
Those who are simply looking for the newest and best way to play a game will enjoy PS3 for its ability to wow you with graphics and sound. Those who are hardcore gamers will enjoy it for its ingenuity and sophistication in respect to gaming potential. Either way, there are many reasons to be excited about the PlayStation 3!

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Victor Vargo is the editor of the PS3 Price Shopper Resource Guide which provides detailed PS3 Price comparisons, the latest PS3 News and much more. PS3 Enthusiasts are encouraged to sign up for the free PS3 Alert service to find the best deals and information about the Sony PlayStation 3.

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The guest feature for Xbox Live� lets your buddy join in the Xbox Live multiplayer action on your console before he or she becomes an Xbox Live member. All you need is an extra Xbox 360 controller, either wired or wireless.
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If you or another recipient declines an XBox 360 chat invitation, the cancellation is invisible to the sender. That is, the sender isn't told whether the invitation was declined or expired. A chat invite expires after five minutes.
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