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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

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Free Wii Games - Are You Missing Out?

By Herb Peterson

Free Nintendo wii games could be the one thing everyone has been waiting for. The Wii is outselling all the other next gen consoles by a huge margin, but some people are still not convinced of the machine's quality. Maybe free Wii Games will convince them otherwise?

The Wii is a revolutionary piece of hardware, and I think the next generation of Xbox and Playstation will probably have borrowed heavily from the novel controls and interaction methods. That being said, as revolutionary as the Wii may be, the expensive games are hardly at revolutionary prices. Check out our guide to free Wii Games and how to get them:

As with many games consoles these days it's possible to download free games using just your computer and an internet connection. At first, this seems excellent, but there really is a lot more to take into consideration for example-

It's actually illegal to download free Wii games from most of these places. It's classed as copyright theft, and yes, it is a law that's enforced.

You may need to get your Wii modded in order to get these 'free' Wii games to work. This is not always straightforward as there are a number of different methods, and yes, they will all break your warranty. If it goes wrong, you've just thrown your money down the drain.

If you do have your mind set on playing free wii games however, it's not all bad. If you can stomach the idea of opening your Wii up and getting it modded, you will then be perfectly free to browse and download the hundreds of homebrew games available at various places online. These are usually pretty straightforward to get going, and can be found by a few simple Google searches.

There is a slight upside to all this though. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on an SD card converter and an Action Replay for Nintendo's older system, the Gamecube, you can then use these to give you access to both homebrew software and also the huge world of emulators. This is great as it will let you use the free Wii games without needing to modify the internal components of your Wii. The downside of this is that finding both of the components named above can be pretty tough going, in fact your best bet is probably going to Ebay or something similar.

You've seen that free Wii games can be a reality if you know where to look, so hopefully you'll put this knowledge to use. Check out the links below to see some of the best download sites.

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