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Thursday, October 09, 2008

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Buying Nintendo Wii The Best Way To Find One Even Now

By Candy Steele

It seems Nintendo is still crushing the competition when it comes to game consoles.
It was recently reported by enterbrain that in japan Nintendo has outsold its competitor
Sony Playstation 3, 3 to 1 and xbox took a slow third place. It just seems that the Nintendo Wii is just unstoppable.

Nintendo wii was launched a year and a half ago, so why are we still having trouble finding the Wii consoles in our local retail stores? Shoppers are reporting that they are going from store to store again trying to find a wii for their kids. What's up with that?

It's as if we have fallen back into the holiday season again. Again it seems you can always find one online if you want to buy a nintendo wii. You feel like you are in a holiday twilight zone again trudging from store to store only to find no wii consoles in stock.

It was reported that the reason is that Nintendo has been holding back due to the weak US dollar and releasing more units to European markets with the strongest currency. It is like we have become second class gamers and we are being treated as such. It appears the European market is begin to reach normal again and Nintendo wii will be easier to obtain later in the year.

So how do you get one in the meantime? Again your best bet is to buy nintendo wii online instead of searching
from store to store and finding them out of stock. I have always found them in stock online.

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